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Artistic Souls

I am a ceramic artist and potter living in the Lisbon area. I am of French and English descent and have lived in Portugal since March 1986, when I came here for a 3 week holiday and never left.

I learnt by trial and error in the mid seventies, throwing on the wheel over and over again. Many years and many pots down the road, having sold at fairs and shops in the UK, I attended the odd workshop or three ( Jack Doherty, Adele Goulty, Sandy Brown, Katrina Peichal) which focused mainly on creativity and opened the doors to the enchanted world of mud, sensuality, inner peace and self expression.

I like my pots to make people smile out loud bringing a little sunshine to the breakfast table or just adding a little quirkiness to your daily life. I feel my pieces are a success when they make people’s hearts smile and their hands reach out to hold them. I aim to impart as much love, pleasure and joy into each and every one of my pots just for that.

I also like to share my love of dance and beautiful movements which show through some of the people that inhabit my pieces or in the shape of a curve or in the way a glaze runs down the side of a pot.

There is nothing like a well made pot that you repeatedly reach for and use because it brings you so much pleasure and joy; a good pot is like a good friend you cannot live without because they make it all worth it.

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